How can you be safe outside your Home

Feeling and being safe is fundamental rights of every human being. We feel safe when we are among our family and home. But we do not spend our whole day sitting at home. We go out for jobs, shopping, movies, and our kids’ gout for schools. We travel on a daily basis by cabs, buses, trains, sometimes even flights. We go out, walk down the streets go in a park, playground, stadium and so on and so forth. It’s not possible to sit at home all the time to be safe. But we need to know the trick to keep ourselves safe and our surrounding safe all the time. If every citizen of a country thinks alike then the world can be a better place.

Let’s take a look at where can we be safe and how,

  1. Schools

They say school is a place of education, I say school is a place of building nation. We acquire our knowledge from school. School is the first place we learn the lesson of life. Earlier the world was a less complex place, so was the school. But nowadays, even schools can be under various threats. Schools should have CCTV cameras installed, log books at the entryways, proper timing should be there for parents’-teacher meeting, fire safety training should be given and also mock fire drills should be practiced, proper evacuation scheme should be in place in case of emergency and school authority should cross check the whereabouts of all the (teachers and non-teachers) employees working there to maintain better safety for the kids studying there.

  1. Public transport

Public transports like cabs, buses and trains should have CCTV cameras installed. They should also have manoeuvring metal detectors along with them in case of emergency. The numbers of the cabs, buses should be registered with the local transport authority. The cabs and buses should have transparent glasses on their windows to increase visibility. They should also have traceable GPS and all the equipments required to handle fire and other natural disaster.

  1. Public Transport stations

By this I mean, taxi bays, bus stops and train stations and subway stations. It’s important for the local municipal authority and transport authority to build proper bus, taxi, cab, train stations just like airports with all the facilities and basic amenities for the convenience of the public.  It’s also important to keep up the safety parameters, including CCTV cameras, night vision cameras, installation of metal detectors, enough frisking without violating privacy, enough presence of disciplinary forces etc.

  1. Public places like malls, theatres, stadiums etc

Public places where gatherings happen, should be tightly scrutinized under safety mesh. To maintain the safety standard, , installing CCTV cameras, night vision cameras, installation of metal detectors, enough frisking without violating privacy, enough presence of disciplinary forces in disguise, control over the amount of people coming in the premises, enough fire safety equipments, properly trained fire management team should ensure the safety of the people visiting the premises. Proper log books at the gateways should be maintained, people without proper photo identity should be barred from entering the premises, especially places like, hospitals and stadiums and theatres alike.

However all these doesn’t seal the deal for safety. You are never safe if you are not aware. But if you are aware, and properly equipped then you can be safe. Safety should come above all, and it should come from a collective united approach, “united we are safe, divided we are no mores.”