Atlanta CCTV

RAM Systems Integration sells and installs a variety of CCTV equipment customized to fit your specific needs. Our professional installers are friendly, courteous, efficient and always on time.



About CCTV: Closed Circuit Television has been in existence since 1942. Once used to observe rocket launches during the second world war era, CCTV is now the front lines for crime prevention in most modern societies. Nowadays, businesses and families alike use remote viewing technology to prevent crime on their property and to protect their employees and loved ones alike.

CCTV not only deters outsiders and/or associates from committing theft and other illegal activities on your business premises but it also records activity that can be stored and accessed easily for months. 

We use products from leading companies like They have taken the technology and industry to an entirely different level and continue to push the advancement of these systems every day. Ram Systems Integration believes in supporting companies that provide a great value but more so ones that provide reliable and secure protection.

Whether you want to use an application for mobile surveillance or if you just want to setup a traditional CCTV security system to keep an eye on your employees Ram Systems Integration, LLC., can help.

Installation is quick and easy! Our security solution is far cheaper, more accurate, and more reliable than guards; CCTV never records a false image. That is the beauty of it!



Security Cameras Atlanta GA

The primary perk of using a wireless security camera instead of one with wires is the ease of installation. Without the need to send information via a connecting cable or wire, the only concern is finding a power source.

This brings up one point that is often overlooked when it comes to “wireless” cameras: despite it’s “wireless” name, you’ll still need a wire to power it!

So unless you plan on putting your wireless security cameras close to electrical outlets, you’ll still face the challenge of routing a wire to a power source. Essentially, you’ll be letting your electrical outlet dictate where your cameras will go, instead of placing them to give you the best vantage of your home or business.

Another con with wireless cameras is quality and reliability. Despite wireless camera technology improving at a rapid pace, it still can’t quite provide the high level of quality and reliability that wired solutions can.

Video Surveillance Atlanta 

The tried and true wired security camera system provides a high-quality video feed and because it doesn’t have any wireless interference to deal with, is several times more reliable than a wireless camera system.

Also, you’ll won’t have to worry about finding a power source close to your cameras; the wire that is ran to each camera both provides power to the camera and relays the video feed back to a secured power source and DVR or NVR.