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RAM Systems Integration understands the uniqueness of each security requirement. What works for one company might not work for another. Commercial clients differ in security needs. To address a variety of concerns, we specialize in customized Commercial / Industrial security systems in Atlanta.

When it comes to your safety, we are all ears. Don’t hesitate to share your specifications with our team. Our knowledgeable staff will come up with solutions tailored to your requirements. We’ll walk you through available options; if systems need tweaking, we’ll do the job for you. From Video Surveillance Atlanta GA to Atlanta Network Cabling and Security Camera Installation Atlanta GA all the way to Atlanta Access Control, we have what you need.

Experience accessible technology that protects your property and furthers your investment with RAM Systems Integration.Our company specializes in designing, installing, programming and servicing residential and industrial security systems in Atlanta. A leading resource for over 25 years, we offer the most innovative solutions and comprehensive services to provide clients with added comfort, convenience, and reliability.

Video Surveillance Atlanta GA

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Make your house safer for your family, run a smart business, and protect essential processes and projects. With RAM Systems Integration, you will have the most suitable security structure in place to fit your office or facility. We offer custom-designed, effective, and reasonably-priced solutions, skillfully handled by our brilliant technicians. Also, our products are sourced from world class manufacturers and developers of cutting-edge technology. Whether it’s covering one room or an entire building, involves CCTV cameras or access control, we are fully capable of providing the finest industrial, commercial security cameras and home security systems with optimum value and benefit for all our clients.

Security Camera Systems Atlanta

At Ram Systems Integration, our dedicated and knowledgeable customer service teams in conjunction with on-going site support plans afford the basis to a successful long term bond with our clientele. Our industry leading, superior technology and famed track record have made us the first choice for homes, business, as well as government clients for their access control, surveillance projects, and ongoing support requirements. We are your partner for modern, surveillance camera, video monitoring, and access control solutions.

Atlanta Security Camera Installation

When effecting measures to guarantee both the safety of the property of life in your office or home, it is crucial to install a security camera to aid the effective monitoring of everything that goes on within your setting. By installing video surveillance systems, you can quickly spot unauthorized personnel and intruders within your office or home complex. We provide the best security camera installation in Atlanta GA not to mention exceptional services at unmatched prices at businesses and homes in Atlanta and its vicinity.

At Ram Systems Integration, we have been installing high quality camera systems within Atlanta for more than 25 years. We provide depth in knowledge for old and new systems alike to our clients to aid them to design the most appropriate system for them. Our modern security camera systems will surprise you with affordable pricing and clarity. We are well equipped to install virtually anything to meet every unique need effectively.

We are famed for delivering the best value about security camera installation. We render it stress-free and easy to install video surveillance systems within your premises. We are also committed and passionate to ensure that you are safe anywhere within our operating vicinities.

Our esteemed and qualified staff are trained to effectively handle every stage of the installation process, down from the initial design phase to laying down the cables, camera mounting , making all the necessary configurations, not to mention training your security personnel about how the system operates to ensure you get optimal service from the surveillance system.

Atlanta Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance Atlanta can be quite useful for all sorts of varying reasons. As a first, CCTV cameras Atlanta allows you to not only receive unbiased recordings of what is happening within your premises but also keep trouble off your property. While it is not necessarily a guarantee of complete safety, CCTV cameras act like a warning sign and obstacle for the burglars.

What’s more, video surveillance is also useful in monitoring who enters and exits your premises not to mention keeping an eye on sensitive areas such as entrances, cash rooms, parking lots among other secure areas of your property. Also, and most importantly, in the unfortunate event of an unpleasant emergency case, you can well recover the recordings from these cameras to solve the issue at hand.

We offer a wide array of security cameras, NVR’s, DVR’s and much more which we can assist you in aiding you to choose from, as per your specifications and budget. Our NVR& DVR Systems carry a varying number of cameras between 4 and 32 depending on their specifications. What’s more, we also offer different types of cameras such as dome, box, and IP camera not to mention motion sensor cameras and night vision cameras, among many others to enhance your security.

Atlanta Security Cameras

Are you looking to expand your current surveillance system? Or are you searching for a transition from a relatively older system to a new and modern IP system? If so, then this is where you need to be! We have all the appropriate solutions to facilitate a successful transitioning such as HD over typical Coax Cameras. We even offer Low Voltage Wiring and Pre-Wiring for network installations for residential and commercial clients.

Ram Systems delivers a well-proven and scalable network camera and video solution which offer exceptional camera and video surveillance and monitoring capacity, in conjunction with outstanding flexibility, which keeps the costs down. We effectively help clients shift from traditional analog systems to modern IP-based solutions. What’s more, we can successfully manage any project or responsibility, notwithstanding how big or complex it sounds. It is precisely why we are here!

Whether you need cameras to be installed within your business or home, we have the ideal solution for you. We help you get the proper resolution, DVR, or NVR choice, all based on how many channels are needed to handle your distinct security needs. We offer an extensive list of solutions to suit varying types of businesses and residential apartments effectively.

A few of the solutions we offer can ably suit businesses such as property managers, hotels, hospitals, and even the police, among many other provisions. It is worth noting that if your category of business was not mentioned here, you need not worry as we can quickly custom design a custom solution to aid you.

CCTV Atlanta GA

Did you know that when you are shopping for a security system, you need to pick between an NVR and a DVR recorder? Unfortunately, for many individuals looking to install security cameras in their property, the process can get quite overwhelming owing to the numerous available options to choose from. Luckily, we are well equipped and dedicated to answering this and many more queries you may have about security camera installation.

As earlier mentioned, the choice between an NVR and a DVR recorder is an essential aspect of getting the ideal security system hence the need to understand their difference. Usually, while both perform a similar task, they, however, differ when it comes to the camera type and how these cameras are used. Although both these recorders are utilized in video recording, the difference is in how they process video data.

Typically, DVR (Digital Video Recording) processes the video data at their recorders while NVRs (Network Video Recording) encode as well as process the video data at their cameras and subsequently stream it to the NVR recorder that stores and facilitates remote viewing. If you have any queries about security camera systems, or you need to have a better understanding of the key differences between various distinct choices, be sure to give us a call! We are ever happy to assist you and help you make sense of any technical questions.

Atlanta Access Control

If you are looking to regulate the number of individuals who access your premises or offices, then Ram Systems Integration can help out! We do this incorporating Access Control Systems, you can effectively ensure that only authorized individuals access your system or building.

Basically, Access Control System perform this role courtesy of a distinct physical system like a card, fob, or a key, or password protection system. With the assortment of solutions that Access Control offers, security gets easier and customizable for any individual who access is granted to. Among the solutions that Access Control provides is added protection from standard keys, although you can still utilize them if need be. The system uses electronic keys that come with a unique code that ensures it is virtually impossible to replicate.

Furthermore, you can also record everybody that accessed your premises and when. All this data is subsequently recorded, and you can easily access it at any given time. This type of information is crucial for instances where there is theft, security breaches, or any other suspicious activity.

A secure business or home starts with a consultation with us. Whatever your need or situation, looking into a camera system will be well worth the time and most likely a worthwhile investment for you and your company. Call or email us today for a FREE Estimate, which we will be happy to send to you.

Are you curious about how installing security surveillance technology can assist your business or home or can be integrated with your current security system? Kindly let us know how we can be of assistance.

At Ram Systems Integration we offer the best Security Camera Installation Atlanta GA, we boast a deep understanding of the potential vulnerabilities and threats related to security; and we can aid you to guard against them successfully. We invite you not only to learn more about the distinct security cameras and access control systems we provide but also get to know about some of the latest offerings in video surveillance image analytics among other security-related solutions. Whatever your situation or need, investing in a security camera system will be well worth your time and value for you or your property.

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