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“Anyone considering a security camera solution for their home, business, or any enterprise they value, should consider Bobby Mislow and Ram Systems Integration LLC. I had them install an easy to use, fully encompassing camera system with remote viewing at our family practice years ago. Earlier this summer, we were victimized by thieves whole stole many pieces of live and still artistic landscaping. Immediately upon viewing the footage from the night before, we were able to clearly make out the thieves and their vehicle used in the theft. We were also quite easily able to provide our local detectives with a copy of the footage and were made a spotlight story by Denise Dillon on Fox 5 News, Atlanta. Within a week of the detectives receiving the video our cameras recorded, the Gainesville Police Department apprehended the two suspects in the video and arrested them for our crime and numerous other crimes that were discovered after their apprehension. The police were able to recover a large percentage of our theft and returned them to a very grateful office.”

“This happy resolution came to fruition due to the fantastic job that John, the RAM Integration Systems technician, did with the camera installation, coverage placement suggestions, and clear focus of the entire area under surveillance. Our incident experienced is a testament of what an “ounce of prevention” can cure. Our system has been flawless and when we were learning how to use it and the many helpful functions it included, a phone call with a human being answering was all it took to answer any questions we had. I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Mislow and his company for your security needs.”


Dan Jorgensen
Legacy Family Dentistry


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